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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Marriage in Pakistan: British Woman, Conversion to Islam, In Pakistan

Although Pakistan allows mixed marriages between Christians and Muslims, but the reality is quite different. Since me and my girlfriend plan to marry in Pakistan, she will be converting to a Muslim. This decision led to a lot of questions, some of which I’ll share with you. I've got the answers after asking a lot of people, including emailing different mosques in UK.

1. If she gets converted to islam in UK, would she need to memorize the Arabic Quranic ayats, at least the kalma and all? Or would her knowledge of Quran in English would do ok?

She will need to memorize the first kalma and that’s all. Her knowledge of Quran can be in English.

2. If she is converted to muslim, will she have to change her name as well? I want her to convert to a sunni muslim, would it be a requirement that she changes her name? Note that her name as I told you is not of the biblical or jewish origin. Also note that mohammad ali the boxer changed his name from cassius clay upon conversion to islam. Will it be a MUST for her to legally change her name to a muslim name and put it in british government records too, or will her new muslim name be only for cosmetic purposes and she wont be required to use it legally?

She will not need to change her name if it is not a name having a bad meaning. If her name is of Christian origin, or Jewish, then that will do fine as well. She can even keep her family name after marriage.

3. If she changes her religion, what are the chances of her being harassed by the british government for being a muslim? Or no chances at all? Will she still enjoy the same status and benefits as she is now, as a white Caucasian UK citizen?

Apparently they can’t discriminate you on the basis of religion in the UK.

4. When she comes to Pakistan, converted to a muslim, will it be accepted by our Pakistani government, her new religion? Will it be valid for our marriage in Pakistan?

Yes it will be.

5. Would it be better if she converts here in Pakistan?

Both will do fine, but we decided it would be better to do it in Pakistan as there are different sects of Muslims and that might cause conflict later on.

6. How much would she need to pay to become a muslim in uk? Is there any fee?

Depends on the mosque, very nominal usually.

7. After she has converted to a muslim in uk, where will she need to submit the documents, with which authority in UK?

She will be given a Shahada certificate by the mosque. It will be legal proof of her being a Muslim.

8. How long does it take to get her converted to muslim in uk?

Hardly half an hour.

9. What kind of questions will the molvi ask her during conversion?

Basic questions about Islam and Prophet Muhammad, as well as the first Kalima and about the pillars of Islam.

10. Will she need to wear Pakistani clothes and cover her head during conversion?

Yes because that’s considered the norm in the country. She will also need to have at least one witness with her.

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